ACHCU offers webinars on various topics relevant to the industries we serve. Here you will find recordings of past webinars available on demand.

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Home Health

Exceeding Patient Expectations During COVID-19 and Beyond

04/08/2020 02:00 PM EDT - 3:00 PM EDT

How 5 Star Case Management Increases Star Ratings and Staff Retention

04/21/2020 2:00 PM EDT - 3:00 PM EDT

Preparing for the Inevitable:Best Practices for Preventing, Investigating, & Responding to HIPAA Security Incidents/Breaches

04/09/2020 02:00 PM EDT - 03:00 PM EDT


Compliance Plans – An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

06/10/2020 2:00 PM EDT - 3:00 PM EDT

Entering the CBD Arena – Pitfalls for Pharmacies to Avoid

05/18/2020 2:00 PM EDT - 3:00 PM EDT

How to Prepare an Enforceable Non-Compete Agreement with an Employee and Steps to Take to Enforce the Agreement

04/15/2020 2:00 PM EDT - 3:00 PM EDT


Preparing for the Inevitable – Best Practices for Preventing, Investigating, and Responding to HIPAA Security Incidents & Breach

06/09/2020 2:00 PM EDT - 3:00 PM EDT

How to Respond to PTAN Revocation, Payment Suspension, and Other Adverse Actions

05/19/2020 2:00 PM EDT - 3:00 PM EDT

Entering the CBD Arena – Pitfalls to Avoid

04/14/2020 2:00 PM EDT - 3:00 PM EDT

Hospice Webinars

Methadone Basics for Hospice Providers


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Pain Management During Hospice Care


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Deprescribing: What do I need to know?


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Hospice - ICD-10 CM Code Updates Effective October 1, 2019


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Palliative Medication Management


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Branch Offices/Multiple Locations and Corporate Entities - Survey Implications for Home Health and Hospices


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Preparing for an Initial or Renewal Hospice Accreditation Survey


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ACHC Top Hospice Survey Deficiencies


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Preparing for Initial Hospice Medicare Certification Survey-2


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After Survey: Developing a Plan of Correction for Hospice


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