What is Product Certification?

Certification is not endorsement of a product by ACHC, but verification that the product meets ACHC requirements for standards that relate to what the product provides.

ACHC Standards are categorized in seven sections. Certification is acknowledgment that a product aligns with the requirements of one or more of these sections for an eligible Accreditation Program. Vendor compliance can be evaluated for Administration, Operation, Fiscal, HR, Provision of Care, QAPI,  and/or Risk Management.

For example, a software product used to manage patient records can achieve certification that it meets all ACHC Standards related to Provision of Care. If it also tracks quality data, it can be additionally certified for QAPI. An Emergency Preparedness Program could be certified as meeting standards under Risk Management.

What Products are Eligible for Certification?
Certification is available for products used by ACHC-accredited Home Care, Home Health, and Hospice organizations in the following areas:

  • Admission Packet
  • Bereavement Program
  • Compliance Program
  • Emergency Preparedness Program (EPP)
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • QAPI Program
  • Skilled Nursing Competency Program (HH only)

If you have a product that you would like to see considered for certification, please contact

Why Seek Certification?

ACHC Accreditation Standards require organizations to ensure compliance by the vendors they engage. Provided through the educational division of ACHC, ACHCU Product Certification builds understanding of accreditation requirements among these vendors and validates their compliance. This simplifies the process and adds value for the organizations that are their customers.

Like ACHC Accreditation, Product Certification is based on a set of standards that must be met. A comprehensive evaluation of the product’s ability to meet the standards is conducted by an ACHCU subject matter expert.

Currently Eligible ACHC Accreditation Programs
Product Certification requirements have been developed for vendors serving:

Home Health
Home Care (formerly “Private Duty)

Benefits of Certification*

  • Two-or three-year certification**
  • Access to ACHC annual program standard updates
  • 4 hours of optional free consulting each year
  • Semiannual check-in meetings with ACHCU leaders
  • Certified product listing on ACHC website
  • Certified vendors identified in the Spring/Summer edition of The Surveyor
  • Opportunity to collaborate on educational events

*Some benefits listed are tied to specific product categories. Please contact us to discuss the program parameters for your product.

**Term is dependent on product type and subject to required review of product alterations for continued compliance.

Interested in reviewing the requirement or learning more?
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