Certified Consultants

What is a Certified Consultant (CC)?

ACHC Certified Consultants are industry experts that help their customers prepare for and maintain ACHC Accreditation. We offer an intensive training course for consultants to complete to become certified. Upon completion and passing of the certified consulting exam, our consultants are given the opportunity to promote their service through our Consultant Portal. If you wish to provide the best possible experience for your customers and learn the most up-to-date information about the ACHC Accreditation process, join us at our upcoming training.


Although we highly recommend coming to our on-site training, all renewing consultants have the option to view a Certified Consultant renewal webinar to renew their consultant status. All renewing consultants are required to pass the exam to keep their status current.

Upcoming Events

The Benefits

ACHC Certified Consultants show their commitment to their customers by staying up-to-date on the accreditation process and ACHC Standards. When becoming an ACHC Certified Consultant, you can expect a partnership with ACHC. Consultants are offered a web portal where they will be given resources and documentation to help prepare their customers. Our updated consultant page gives customers the opportunity to research consultants that meet their needs. Consultants will be able to personalize this information to help find new customers through ACHC’s website.

Who Should Become A Certified Consultant

Consultants are seen as industry experts but there is no cookie-cutter experience for a certified consultant. Many of our consultants have been working in their respective industries for many years while others are newer to the industry. It is beneficial to you to have a good working knowledge of the accreditation process and the industry you wish to consult. We will teach you about the ACHC process and the ACHC standards, however, it is a great idea to already be familiar with those topics before attending the training.

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